This Issue: IELI Day: 38 years of changing lives; Dr. Fleurquin visited Japan; IELI Mentorship Program; American Thanksgiving

IELI Day: 38 years of changing lives

IELI celebrated its 38th anniversary on Wednesday, November 18. To commemorate the occasion, students were encouraged to wear their home country’s traditional clothing and were served cupcakes and chocolate-covered pretzel sticks. Students were also given the opportunity to say hello to their friends and family through a live stream event. A copy of the live stream and a video reflecting what students like most about the program can be found on IELI’s YouTube page, here:

Dr. Fleurquin visited Japan

Kansai Gaidai University (KGU) celebrated its 70th anniversary  in November. IELI’s Director, Dr. Fernando Fleurquin, attended the ceremony and presented KGU’s President, Yoshitaka Tanimoto, with

a crystal plate displaying UNT’s crest from UNT’s President, Dr. Neal Smatresk, and a plaque from IELI with the words “friendship and gratitude,” the theme of the celebration, engraved at the bottom. To read more about the event, click here:

IELI Mentorship Program

IELI has created a new mentorship program to give extra help to students outside the classroom. The mentors help students with improving their organizational skills, problem solving skills, and engagement with activities and events. Students in the program are assigned to a faculty member, coordinator, or administrator and continue working with them through graduation.

Assistant Director, Carol Ogden, feels that the program is providing more interaction between the students and the staff and believes that it has been effective so far.

American Thanksgiving

After the activities of IELI Day, students were treated to an American Thanksgiving on the UNT campus at the brand new “Baptist Student Ministry.” Students were served a variety of foods including turkey, potatoes, green beans, cranberries, and more. Everyone had a wonderful time dining and celebrating this American tradition.



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